Features released in Version 1.19.5(31-May-2019)
RDI / REDD v3.1

The new Rushmore Drilling Index (RDI) v3.1 and Rushmore Estimated Drilling Days (REDD) v3.1 are now available on the website.

REDD v3.1 provides a probabilistic estimate of the time it takes to drill a well from spud to TD excluding coring and logging operations, but including NPT & WOW. In addition to the RDI and REDD (P50) values, P10, Mean & P90 days are also calculated. The base data includes wells drilled between 2000 – 2018 inclusive.

RDI v3.1 has a wider well coverage than previous versions, and makes it possible to normalise drilling performance across different fields/basins/areas without bias.

The calculations have been applied to all wells where appropriate and are available on the data grid.

Time Depth Chart Widget

The Time Depth Chart widget is now available to place on a dashboard.

Wells can be highlighted, and the widget will respond to wells being highlighted on other widgets when they are linked.

If a Box chart and TD chart are linked with the Data Selected event, the widget will also react to boxes being highlighted and reduce the number of lines drawn accordingly.

Time Depth Data Widget

a new Time Depth Data widget has also been added to display depth data broken down by Hole Size.

The Time Depth Chart and Time Depth Data widgets work well together when linked together with the Highlight Well event, to navigate the large amount of data points for a well.

The widget also responds to the Data Selected event from grouping type charts such as the Box and Cross-plot.

Dashboard Well Counts

A new visual helper displaying the number of wells in a dashboard when opening a dashboard using the "+" button, or when there are no dashboards open.