Features released in Version 1.20.3 (30-Jul-2020)
API - Searching

The API end points for DPR, CPR, APR, SPR and BPR now support a "filter=" querystring parameter, that enables filtering of the API data before it is returned to the client.

The filtering functionality supports the following data types:

  • Date
  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean

Filters support AND, OR and bracketing in addition to the following Comparison operators:

  • EQ - Equals
  • NEQ - Not Equals
  • GT - Greater Than
  • GTE - Greater Than or Equals
  • LT - Less Than
  • LTE - Less Than or Equals
  • CONTAINS - String contains
  • STARTSWITH - String starts with
  • ENDSWITH - String ends with

An FAQ section has been added to help users answer commonly asked questions about the API.

API - Errors

An Error page has been added to help users identify error messages which may be displayed when using the API.

API - Exclude DPR TD Data

In the previous release (v1.20.2) two separate endpoints were added to retrieve Time Depth Data. A querystring parameter, "excludeTimeDepth=[true/false]", has now been added to the DPR endpoint which excludes TD Data from the results when set to true, significantly reducing the size of the returned data.